farmed worldwide

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Classic Transmontanous
(California White Sturgeon)
and Siberian Sturgeon

american wild

Paddlefish and

Ossetra, Imperial Ossetra,
and Kaluga Hybrid
(Huso Dauricus Shrenki)

The supremely delicate taste and luxurious feel of true caviar cannot be disputed. Gourmets want the best, regardless of cost, to be paired with champagne or a well-chilled vodka. NOIR Caviar provides just that, the best.

NOIR Caviar is a confluence of like-minded gourmets. Their goal was to create a luxury caviar brand that met their own high standards of quality as well as aesthetic beauty. Quality caviar must have a bright glossy color, fresh, mild smell, uniformly sized eggs, and lightly salty flavor, NOIR caviar meets all of those criteria. To ensure their goal, caviar is sourced from only the best sturgeon farms around the world and every shipment is graded as it arrives to ensure that only the best makes it into the NOIR Caviar line. 

To appreciate these efforts one only needs to try NOIR Caviar. The result speaks for itself.